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I am Omar, last name Pope. I’m not sure if I got the name from my brother or my father, because they are also Omars. I’m seventeen years of age; being born on November 21st, 1999. I’ve never felt like a Scorpio. I was born in Chicago Illinois, but I’ve done plenty of moving since then. My family moved to Michigan when I was a little past one year old. We lived there for about 2 years before things changed. My father left when I was about four years old. I then moved to Indiana, where we only stayed for do months, due to such bad conditions. I now live here in Minnesota, where I’ve lived in 6 different homes; currently in Minneapolis. 

I am a junior in high school, currently attending Columbia Heights High School. I am in school and also working a job in the meantime. I’m employed at a breakfast restaurant in downtown Minneapolis. I enjoy working there, but I don’t want to be a bus boy for the rest of my life; I have future plans. I want to go to college for business and communications. I want to someday build and own a company of my own, working with music; my passion. 

I don’t have many hobbies, because I usually like to stay focused on only one or a few things. The few things that I enjoy doing is being creative with any and everything I’m involved in doing. I have a big family, so I like to stay family oriented rather than being with so many friends. I also enjoy hanging out with my friends, because there is always an adventure. But the thing that I am most passionate about doing is writing and making music. I grew up loving the sound of music. It was always something that brought my mood up and even calm me down. I write music and try to be as different as possible to try to give a new sound. That is also my reason behind creating this blog. 

If you are ever interested in knowing more, don’t be afraid to ask. 






















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